How to Match a Red Chair in Your Living Room + Inspiring Ideas

The decorative armchairs, by themselves, are already a differential capable of adding style and personality to the environments. But when you decide to use a red decorative armchair, then what was supposed to be a simple differentiator becomes the main highlight of the decor.

This is because red is a bright, cheerful and exuberant color. It attracts the eye and releases pleasurable and well-being sensations to our brain. According to scientific studies and research, the color red raises blood pressure and heart rate, thus bringing enthusiasm, dynamism, and energy to the environment.  And it’s not just the red color that has the potential to take your décor out of sameness. The fabric chosen for the armchair is also part of this story.

Velvet, for example, when combined with red brings glamor, luxury and a touch of sensuality to the surroundings. Already red linen or suede gives class and elegance. In addition to the fabric for the red armchair, it is also noteworthy that the shape and design of the armchair are very important for the final composition.

For those looking for a more classic and formal environment, prefer armchairs of simple lines and lines, straight and without many props. For modern and contemporary, it is worth betting on red armchair models with differentiated, organic and non-standard features.

There is also the option of a retro red armchair and round red armchair that blend very well with vintage, romantic and Provencal environments.

How to combine the red armchair with the decoration

Contrary to what it may seem, it is very easy to combine the red armchair with the decoration.

The first tip for successfully accomplishing this mission is to choose the most appropriate shade of red for your environment. There are dozens of different shades of red, ranging from lighter and softer, close to pink, such as coral red, to darker, more enclosed, such as burgundy red. Not to mention the vibrant, warm hues such as scarlet red and orange-red.

To make your search easier, keep in mind the decorating style you want to create. For more classic and refined environments, closed shades of red are a good choice. But if the intention is to create a contemporary environment full of personality, a scarlet red armchair goes very well. For romantic and delicate decorations, the armchair can come in a shade of red to pink, such as salmon.

Check out the following ideas on how to use the red armchair for decoration and get inspired!











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