How to Make Your House Aesthetically Pleasing For All Ages

Parents want to come back home, kick off their shoes, and relax. Kids want to come back home and play to their heart’s delight. Grandparents want to come back home and plop down on their favorite chair. Everyone wants their home to be a happy, go-to place for them after a long day. And we can’t forget our loving house pets, who also want a good life. Families come in all shapes, sizes and ages, and you want your house to accommodate everyone in the loveliest and happiest of ways.

If you have young kids in your family or if you have a large family, you’ve probably noticed that your home can start looking run down and worn out in no time. Heavy traffic in almost all rooms wears down floors and carpeting, has more potential for spills and stains, not to mention the usual sticky handprints of children on light switches, walls, knobs, handles, you can name it all!

It’s often a challenge to keep your home looking nice throughout the day, let alone the week, month, or year. But it’s a chore that must be done. If your house isn’t appealing to you, you won’t be looking forward to coming home because you know you’ll only be welcomed by a sad-looking, disorganized, and messy home. We’re going to help you avoid that and give you some pointers to keep your home in tip-top condition and aesthetically pleasing every day of the week.

Make your bed

At the risk of sounding too motherly, make your bed! It’s a given; messy beds make for messy rooms. It literally just takes a minute or less to make a bed, and it’s a key action with a big impact in keeping the room looking neat. Even if your bedroom is minimalist, it won’t ever look neat if the bed isn’t made.


Nothing brings your spirits down and clogs your mind more than clutter. We know that a mess increases stress and there is medical evidence that links clutter to your mental and physical health. According to a study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, people with cluttered homes are more prone to depression and fatigue and have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who described their homes as relaxing and uplifting. There is nothing aesthetic about clutter, and when you share your home with others, clutter is no longer just your problem; it’s everyone’s problem now. Everyone in the house has to pitch in to get rid of the clutter.


Part of the reason many people don’t like to clean is because of the clutter. When you remove clutter, cleaning can be easier. Still, chances are if you ask someone what they’d like to be doing now, few would answer they’d like to be cleaning their house. Even if they do, it often means they’d like someone else to clean their house for them! Since it’s not a favorite hobby for many, few of us really know how to give our home a thorough cleaning and prefer to hire professionals because keeping your apartment clean means getting into those pesky corners and hard to reach areas that you normally don’t get into.

Professionals also use stronger and more effective products for hard to clean areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Professional cleaners using better products guarantee your house is spic-and-span in both areas you can see and can’t see. When choosing a company, you can opt for either regular cleaning or deep cleaning, and you’ll get all the information you’re looking for as well as a quote online.

Change your lighting scheme

Maybe you’ve kept all lights dim because the house wasn’t as clean as you wanted it to be, but after a good cleaning, it’s time to show it off! Poor lighting in the house can make any room look sad and drab. Some areas need bright lights, which will give a nice, robust vibe to a room. Other areas, like the bedrooms, could use a dimmer light in general, but could as well use some indirect lighting. You could also have some lower lamps placed on tables and floors, as well as higher set lamps to get light from different heights and directions within a room.

Fix little things

Of course you have to fix any big defaults in your house, but it’s the little things that often get ignored; busted door knobs, cabinet, closet, or drawer handles, broken kitchen or bathroom tiles, walls that have chips or small cracks, wall paint that has lost its color, etc. The more polish you can add to your home by making these little repairs, the more aesthetic it will be. One of the most common ways to get around this is by walking around each room and looking at all the imperfections. Imagine someone wants to buy your home, or your home is under inspection for an appraisal; that should get you going to fix the little things.

Pet issues

Your pet might be your greatest companion, but our furry buddies can create issues in a house. So, anything like pet stains or odors need to be eliminated. Keeping a house clean when you have a pet is more about taking good care of the pet. This includes little things such as not skipping bath time for doggy and regularly brushing the pets, especially those with heavy coats to lessen shedding. You can also choose certain fabrics for your furniture that is more pet-friendly and easier to clean and maintain.

If you pick up some regular habits, you can always keep your house a happy place to be in. Aesthetical homes don’t just organize and clean themselves by some miracle. Yet, people who are able to maintain their homes do so in various ways, such as hiring professional help and keeping a routine they follow daily. They don’t wait until their rooms look drab and are always a step ahead of any mess. They have their eye on the prize, especially when it comes to having a beautiful, comfortable home every day.


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