How To Keep Clean Your Wooden Furniture Without Expensive Cleaners?

Wooden furniture after a while can lose its glow, can be scratched, damaged, and can remain stains on the surface. In order to prevent this however, it is necessary to maintain the wooden furniture properly and to take care regularly to maintain its appearance.

Nowadays on the market, there are numerous cleaning agents, that will help you to keep the shine on the furniture. Also, you can make by yourself a homemade cleaner for your wooden furniture that will help you with its maintenance. For this purpose, for lacquered furniture you need to use bee wax. Let it melt and use a cloth to apply it with circular movements on the furniture. On some wooden surfaces there can leave stains from water, and you can remove them with a cloth with linseed oil and circular movements. Mix 1 dl of olive oil and 25 drops of lemon juice. With that blend you will regain the glow of your wooden furniture, and you can do the same with a vinegar. If you regularly clean the wooden furniture, you will keep it with a great quality and nice glow. With these simple advices you can achieve that, without spending money!


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