How to Incorporate Landscape Lighting to Your Outdoor Design

If you want to spruce up your home, you might want to consider adding some landscape lights. Landscape lights or outdoor lighting refers mainly to the installation and use of outdoor lighting for personal gardens and public parks to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the landscape and the beauty of the landscape itself; they can also be placed for personal protection, night aesthetics, security, recreational purposes, safety, visibility, and other public and social uses. Landscape lights can be fixed, mobile, battery operated, or pendant.

Although installing the landscape lighting itself can be fairly simple, planning it out and getting started is time consuming. If you don’t have time to do all this because of other obligations, your best bet is to call professionals like Oregon Outdoor Lighting that will make sure to get the job done correctly, quickly, and safely. Here is a testimonial to confirm the quality of service

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Advantages of Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting has numerous advantages. Outdoor lighting does not have to be expensive. Some lights are very affordable and are used in private gardens and yards. However, there are many types of landscape lighting available that can provide high performance and are relatively inexpensive.

1.Safety and Security

Landscape lighting is often used to highlight a house’s frontage. A well-lit house exterior actually places a bright spotlight on anybody attempting to approach the house at night. You can use landscape lighting around a pool to prevent individuals from tripping over submerged objects. One is the safety it provides to homeowners. If someone is walking down a sidewalk, landscape lights can provide enough illumination to allow them to see oncoming cars. Other benefits include safety and security, and aesthetics which include providing visibility and safety for businesses and their employees. For instance, they can help to determine the location of intruders. Moreover, landscape lights are effective deterrents to burglars, who now have to worry about being detected by the homeowner’s motion sensors.

2.Aesthetic Appeal

Outdoor lighting also offers many aesthetic benefits. For instance, outdoor lighting allows people to easily see their gardens or plants and to make the garden more aesthetically pleasing. You can also use fixtures to illuminate your walkways and driveways. These are usually found on your side of the house. They are generally made up of lights which are fixed on a rod. You can also buy them in a kit and install them together with the landscape lighting you have installed on the walls. It also works well to create the illusion of a wider driveway by directing attention in the direction of the driveway.

Lighting fixtures are available in a wide range of styles. These can include: chain, string, post, rope, and solar, among others. That makes them stylistically flexible and easy to incorporate wherever you want them.

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How to Incorporate Landscape Lighting to Your Outdoor Design

In order to incorporate landscape lighting into your home, there are a few things you’ll have to look at first. This may seem obvious, but there are a lot of people who go ahead and put lighting fixtures in their yards without even giving them much thought. However, putting landscape lighting in your garden or yard can be a great way to give your home some added ambiance, without actually spending a lot of money on it.

1.Decide What Type of Lights You Want

If you’re looking to incorporate landscape lights into your home, you need to first think about the type of lighting you need. You can find a wide variety of lights, including sconces, recessed lights, spotlights, and floodlights, among other different types of landscape lighting. Before you set out and purchase any of these options, you should first figure out what you need to do to get the best quality of light for your space.

2.Decide the Purpose of Your Lights

Landscape lighting can enhance the ambiance of a yard or garden.  You can purchase many different types of outdoor lighting fixtures, including light bars, low voltage lighting, solar powered lights, or flood lights. It’s important to take the time to consider the style and personality of your home when you are considering landscape lighting fixtures. When placed strategically, these lights will create a sense of peace, which is one of the most important aspects of design.

Not only will landscape lights enhance the look of your property, but they will also improve safety. Knowing the purpose of your lights will help you pick the right lights and make planning easier. If you are buying landscape lighting for security reasons you would install them differently than you would if you bought them for aesthetic reasons.

3.Decide Where Your Lights Will Be Placed

When you finally decide on the kind of landscape lighting that you want to install, you’ll also need to think about where each of these lights should be located. Some of the best places to put these lights are in areas such as a path, in a side yard, around a pond or waterfall, or in a corner of the garden. However, if you are installing a sconce or other decorative light in an area where it faces an obstruction, you should think about placing it so that it’s facing away from the obstruction. to allow for more natural light.

When looking for lighting that suits your needs, make sure that it’s designed with the landscape in mind. If you’ve got a large yard or large area of open space, then a single light placed on the center of the lawn can really draw attention. Alternatively, if you have large trees or shrubs that are blocking the view of your landscape, then multiple smaller lights placed around the perimeter of the property can make a significant difference. If you live in an urban area, then consider using flood lights as well, but make sure that they’re not too bright and overwhelming.

You should also consider adding landscape lighting to the garden as part of your general landscaping design, instead of placing it at a distance as is sometimes done. For example, if you have a driveway and a lawn, you may consider installing landscape lights around the perimeter so that you can better see your vehicle in the night time.

4.Thinks About the Ground Where the Lights Will Be Placed

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the type of ground that you’re going to be using for your landscape lights. Landscape lighting isn’t just for your front and back yards – you will also find that you can use it in your flower beds, or in your garden. You should think about where your landscape lights will go before you purchase any, so that you can make sure that you won’t end up overspending on the lights you buy for the area.

5.Measure the Distance Between Lights

Another thing you will want to consider when you are looking to incorporate landscape lights into your home is the distance between the landscape lights and the structure. Landscape lighting isn’t something that you can put right next to each other, so you need to figure out how many feet apart you need to place each one. The closer the fixtures are to each other, the brighter the area will be. Make sure that you don’t choose any fixture that’s too close to the structures around it as you will be sacrificing some of the ambiance that you want to create.

6.Clear the Area

Before you can begin to install the lighting, you need to make sure that you have cleared the area for it, and are ready to set it up. As you measure the distances between where you want to place the fixtures, be sure to clear and prepare the ground around where you plan to install the lighting. That may mean removing or displacing any plants in the area and placing them in more appropriate spaces. You should also remove any debris like branches and stones that would impede installment.

7.Prepare Area and Install

Once you have decided where and how you are going to place the landscape lights and have cleared the area for them, you should start to prepare the area surrounding the light, and then set up the fixtures in their proper positioning as well as figuring out the necessary power lines or whatever power source you decided on utilizing.


Landscape lights or garden lights refers to the usage of outdoor lighting for personal gardens, public spaces, and public events; for their aesthetic purposes, and other benefits of night visibility, recreation, and security, as well as social and cultural uses. Landscape lights are usually incorporated in the architectural designs of residential buildings, outdoor playgrounds, as well as private gardens. They are also used on bridges, along walkways, and on private roads in parks and open spaces. Most people associate these lights with the decoration of a beautiful landscape, but they can be used for other purposes as well.


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