Functional Garden Lighting: What You Should Know?

Garden lighting, because of its specific location, has a functional and decorative role. But considering that in the garden after dark rarely we perform work, the function of lighting is mainly decorative, and serves to further highlight certain parts of the garden and to make a pleasant atmosphere. Of course, garden areas where there is a gazebo and a table with benches, where you hang out late at night, have to be enlighten with quality lighting, in order everything to function normally (eating, reading, playing …).

Garden lighting can be static or mobile, depending on the power source, can be electric or on solar energy. For static lighting is necessary to ensure the installation, and lamp resistant to all weather conditions. With the development of technology, now are available various lamps with LED lighting (sip) and solar power, and they are ideal for installation on any place.

Because of the large number of trees, shrubs and flowers in the garden, it is possible to lower the flow of the sun’s rays, and therefore the solar lamps will be less used. If you have such a situation, then the best solution is to set up a classic lighting that is powered by electricity. The setup and installation of wiring garden lights, leave to the qualified professionals. If there are stairs in the garden, raised curbs, rocks or pond, highlight them with smaller lamps, mounted next to the stairs or even built into the staircase and into the water, or install special waterproof flashlights. When planning a garden lighting, note that the lamps should illuminate just your garden, without bother the neighbors.


Tags: functional lighting, garden lighting, outdoor lighting

Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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