How To Get Order And Storage Capacity In A Small Hall

We put aside consoles and other light furniture to focus on those ideas that contribute a lot to organizing without giving up style.

With a low volume free-standing wardrobe

In this space, a free-standing wardrobe has been placed as the main piece of furniture in the hall, in line with a bench that completes the decoration with style. The advantage of this hall is that, although small and elongated, it has plenty of natural light and opens to both the living room and the kitchen thanks to the white glazed enclosure. A closet of this type does not take up too much and is a perfect piece of furniture for a small hall.

Well used on two fronts

In this small hall, there is no lack of storage and order solutions of large capacity and highly decorative. It is narrow and is distributed on two fronts. To one is attached custom furniture with cabinets, a bench, and upper shelves. All lacquered in a nice soft greenish blue shade. And at the front of the staircase, a closet takes advantage of the gap below.

Bench with storage

Your small hall may not have room for a closet, but then a bench with storage capacity is perfect for organizing shoes and boots, storing your motorcycle case, leaving your backpack, gym bag, and purse when you arrive. home … Banks can incorporate doors, tall drawers type drawers, or have a hinged lid.

A very useful piece of furniture: the shoe rack

If we think of decorating a small hall with capable furniture, the shoe rack cannot be missing. In addition, there are very decorative designs that can become a small console or support piece of furniture. In general, their depth is small so they are a perfect option for narrow spaces.

A cupboard under the stairs

In this hall, the space is used with a custom closet made in the same finish as the staircase, which fits into the gap that it leaves free on its way up to the upper floor. To make it stylish and in keeping with the rustic style of the space, the fronts have been covered with checkered fabric.

Chests: divide into drawers and you will conquer clutter

This white striped chest of drawers is a recovered piece of furniture that has achieved a second life, looking stylish in this small hall. Such a piece of furniture provides the capacity to organize household papers, chargers, mail, brochures in drawers… It is a good idea for each member of the family to have an assigned drawer for their things.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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