How To Decorate Stylish Living Room That Everyone Will Adore?

Living room is “heart” of every living space, the room where the family gathers, where guests are received, in a word, the place where we spend most of the day. And so it is understandable that of all the rooms in the apartment, the arrangement of the living room, we often devote most attention.

For good planning of one living room, it is important to take into account the avaliable space, accordingly, the size of the furniture that you already own and which you would like to put it. In any area where there are more people at the same time, it is important to anticipate the ways in which the space will be maintain orderly. It is important to start planning from places where you will accommodate objects of everyday use, such as mobile phones and their chargers, TV, etc.

Coffee table which is small in modern style, for this purpose is a very practical solution, as and more decorative flower pots. Although in trend is minimalism and large glass surfaces, empty windows sometimes are acting cold. Curtains from floor to ceiling will visually enlarge the room and will give a final, elegant impression. If you do not have too much daylight in the apartment, be sure to set table or floor lamps in specific places in the room. In addition to the main light source, your living room will be more intimate, if you set several minor sources. This year the contrast is trendy- be brave – with warm pastel colors, combine gray or black. In our gallery below you can see some functional ideas how to decorate stylish living room!


Image courtesy of Julia Roth Design


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