How To Choose The Right Wallpaper For Your Interior Design

Sometimes it seems that when buying wallpaper it is hardest to select a pattern and color. Whatever are your visual images, it is also crucial and the place where the wallpaper will be set. Depending on whether you need wallpaper for the kitchen, bathroom, children’s room or other room, you need to select the appropriate product quality and resistance. To make it easy, manufacturers on the packaging usually set symbols that describe the quality and processing of the wallpaper. With modern collections of wallpapers, you have the ability to edit your walls entirely according to their wishes. Consider another aspect that opens with a large selection of wallpaper: with the properly chosen wallpaper, you can visually change the proportions of adverse rooms:

Lower rooms will seem higher, if you apply wallpaper with vertical stripes. In this case, the ceiling should be bright or with white wallpaper.

– The room will act smaller if you use wallpaper with horizontal stripes or similar pattern

– Brighter wallpaper or pattern will make the rooms to appear larger

– The large room will look smaller if you apply wallpaper with a large pattern and stronger colors

The choice of wallpaper should in any case be compatible with other furniture. Very notable wallpaper will not fit well in a crowded room. Upholstery for the furniture and curtains, also have to comply with the wallpaper, to achieve total harmony in the whole space.


Image via Richard Mandelkorn


Image via Isabelle Eubanks


Image via Hoi Ning Wong


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