How To Choose The Right Architect For Your Home

The architects themselves know very well how to determine the level of professionalism, which guarantees that customers will get exactly the result they expect. It is from their point of view that we will describe how to choose the right architect for designing a house.

But, before we proceed to the description of details, we will specify.

This information will be useful for customers who do not need to be convinced that investing in the work of an architect is an investment in safety, impeccable comfort, a decent level of housing and a respectable future home.

If you perceive an architect only as an obsessive figure, without which it is impossible to build a house, you are unlikely to be ready to pay for the services of a high-class professional. But if you are ready, you will be interested to know how to choose him and what exactly you are guaranteed to get from an architect, if you pay for his services for the entire period of building a house.

What kind of architect do you need?


  • Higher professional education is a guarantee that the architect has basic knowledge, without which it is naive to expect competent solutions in the design of residential buildings;
  • availability of realized objects of the level you expect:
  • – sketches, documentation and photos are clearly not enough,
  • – you should see with your own eyes at least a couple of objects designed by this architect (company) and, if possible, communicate with his clients;
  • providing not only sketches, but also a complete set of working documentation for all the nodes of the construction, while in the development of the interior may also participate in the designer or decorator;
  • author’s supervision as construction support until the moment of full readiness, because you need not just beautiful pictures and “smart drawings”, but a ready-made house;
  • assistance in approving the project in the district architecture and obtaining all permits, if the architect refuses it or you are not ready to pay for such services, prepare yourself for a lot of difficulties, loss of time and nerves;
  • have a high level of knowledge of construction techniques and the stylistics of high-end housing;
  • demand among customers, adequate assessment of the cost of their services for the perspective of communication for six months or more:
  • – The promise to make a project in a month and assigning a price less than 5% of the object value means only that the architect’s experience and self-esteem leave much to be desired;
  • conclusion of the contract for design and correct drawing up of the task, which logically means that the architectural activity should be a legal form of business;
  • payment in stages according to the readiness of individual parts of the project and the provision of services.

What is desirable:

  • availability of professional liability insurance for the architect;
  • at least a small number of highly specialized employees and proved contractors, like Tornado Roofing, who develop individual parts of the project, including engineering systems and cost estimates;
  • flexibility in communicating with the customer, offering enough options to choose from;
  • the ability to arguably explain to the customer which of their requirements may not have the most enjoyable consequences – on a technical and stylistic level;
  • recommendations from clients who have worked with the architect until the object is fully ready.

In total, 5 categories of architect’s remuneration were worked out according to the different types of services he could provide:

  • sketch,
  • project,
  • executive drawings,
  • surveillance,
  • audit

And for objects of different complexity, different payment was implied.


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