How The Modern Office Is Developing Our Creativity

Both big and small companies have started to update their workspaces.

“Comfortable, modern office”, “sports zone and library in the office”, “delicious coffee and play area”. More and more often in job descriptions, employers mention the place where future employees will spend most of their lives.

Whereas until 2018 private housing projects dominated in business, in 2019 commercial premises became a leader. Big and small companies started to race and renew their working spaces. Why did this become a trend in the freelance era?

The trendsetters were international giants such as Facebook and Google. They were the first to realize that they were dealing with a new kind of workers, who couldn’t be driven to the in a classic office with a reception desk so easily by 9-18. Plus, they started to use the office as an image tool that demonstrates the status and mission of the company. And, at least, the fact that important decisions will be made here.

Even a dozen living plants will change the space beyond recognition

To date, we can highlight several major trends that are now associated with the concept of “comfortable, modern office”. This is not taking into account the basic ergonomics, sufficient amount of light, decent ventilation and normal office furniture.

Energy efficiency

Modern technology allows you to manage spaces with respect to nature and your wallet. Turn off the light” signs – the last century. Today, light and technology are turned on and off by themselves as needed. Here are also motion sensors, automatic watering, solar panels. All “vital” organisms are combined into a single system and managed online. When the computer hangs, the employee of technical support does not have to wait an hour until he bypasses two more floors: you click on the right button, and your issue is instantly solved online.

Historical memory

If the office is in an old building, they don’t destroy everything and don’t stitch up fantastic armstrong ceilings anymore. On the contrary, they try to “show” what happened before them. For example, WeWork is an American company that provides co-working to innovative startups and is located in the building of a former opium plant in the center of Shanghai. The designers integrated the previous purpose of the room into the interior details – they have flowering poppies on the wallpaper. And beautiful, and a hint of the past.

The fact that the office should have a recreation area (terraces have been very popular lately), a sports corner and a library – this is already five years old. Now the companies go further. Cinemas, tea rooms with comfortable dining chairs – everything that is high for employees. A motivating atmosphere in the workspace and a homely atmosphere through the wall. On the territory, there is a recreation area and a barbecue.

Green – new black

Even a dozen living plants will change the space beyond recognition. And the lungs will say thank you. If they are building in an area where there are a lot of adult trees, they try to save them to the maximum. And architects from Bangkok Creative Crews planted a tree in their office. They built an atrium for him in the main area of the office, in the hall next to the kitchen, where there is more light.


The design of a room, especially an office, where you need to broadcast clearly who you are, is not just about the color of the walls, although it can be beaten. The office has to reflect the style and spirit, talking about the values of the company. A good office for a law firm and a good office for a creative agency are two radically different offices. Here you can view the textures that we use in our projects, make sure that concrete is simple and cozy.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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