How simple changes can turn a shed into a games room

Now your shed is often a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the home and it allows you to have some real private time. However, when the children come along there are a number of other priorities to think about. If you want your carefully stylized living rooms to remain in the same pristine condition then creating a playroom from one your sheds could be a good way to go.

Setting aside a room just for the children could be a wise move as it not only ensures your home stays exactly as you like it, it will also provide that little bit of breathing space from the kids from time to time. I found that it can be safe haven for the little ones, while you also might enjoy spending time there, depending the modifications you make. It only takes a small number of changes for you to get the balance absolutely right in one of the sheds, but the age of your children will determine what modifications you actually make.

Make sure your shed has plenty of room

If the children – and maybe even yourself – are going to spend a lot of time in the games area then you’ll want to ensure they is plenty of room. I know that I certainly want to be spending my time in comfort and that can only really achieved with a lot of space.

While this can be had by having a lot of floor space, you also might want to ensure that your storage is up to scratch because we all know that children, whatever their age, like to leave stuff strewn on the floor. Kitting the area out with a desk and storage will not only give a place for things to be put away, it will also provide a space to do homework as well.

Cater for several hobbies

A games room should be exactly that, you need to be able to play plenty of activities be it on a PlayStation or Xbox or with board games for instance. If you live in a house with your family, having a space to enjoy your hobbies is sometimes hard to come by, but using one of the garden sheds will ensure have a room that gives you a sanctuary away from the home.

Ensure there are plenty of plug points so that you can play on a console, watch TV or a DVD and plug in a CD player. If there is enough room you might even want a dedicated space for gym equipment, so you can work out as well. An internet connection would also be desirable.

Include seating in your plans

Now it may seem quite a simple thing to put into the games room, but seating can quite easily be forgotten if you get carried out away with thinking about all the different technologies needed. With it being a bit of a sanctuary away from the home, I would want to put a sofa or comfortable chairs in place.

It will generally either need to be some cheap, replaceable chairs or good-quality seating that will stand up to some harsher treatment than might normally be the case in the home. Go for some loose covers that can easily be washed or wiped clean, because we all know how mucky youngsters can be!

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