How Properly To Light Up Your Indoor Stairway

Lighting interior stairway has a practical function, and can make it look very beautiful. In the dark, sometimes insecure walking down the stairs, so we provide some tips that can help you to make your stairway properly illuminated and thereby safer to use.

One option is to install lighting on the wall next to the stairs. Depending on the size of steps, three or four should be sufficiently illuminated. In this case, the rectangular shape of light fits into the design of the staircase. Another idea is to set the lighting to be mounted on the wall, so that they have the ability to glow in different directions and thus contribute to the overall interior design.

They look like little stars, but at the same time give enough light at night. In the second case lighting has been installed on the stairs. Each stage has a small floor lamp that lights the stairs. Another option for stair lighting is to integrate the light in steps ahead. Most modern houses opt for this type of lighting, while at the same time it goes well with the minimalist interior. Staircase can be also lit from below. This light is blurred and subtle and is visible only in a small part that separates the stairs of the adjacent wall. This type of lighting the staircase creates a mysterious atmosphere in the whole house.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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