How Do You Know When Your Drain is Due for a Rescue?

Keeping a smoothly running home is a humongous task, one that is probably impossible for just one person. Actually, even with an entire team you’re probably going to miss a few things. One thing that you must not forget about is to clean out your drains. It’s certainly not something fun to think about and it is definitely not fun to do. However, a plumber would be more than happy to take care of it for you.

So how do you know when it is time to clean out your drains? It is important to identify if your drains is being clogged up as soon as possible. The sooner you take notice of it, the easier and quicker it would be to clean it out. Additionally, you get to avoid all the nasty smells and sights that a clogged drain can conjure.

The first sight of a clogged drain is the slow throughput and it is quite easily noticeable. This is mainly caused by a buildup of oil, fat, grease, dish soap and hair. The problem with slow moving drains is that a lot of people will just tolerate it and that will lead to further problems that will be much more expensive to repair. Sometimes you can fix the issue using commercial drain cleaning products but if it is happening commonly, it is best to get a plumber to repair it for good.

Your drain is also due for cleaning when you begin smelling foul odors. Even if it is moving at normal speed, bacteria can build up in some areas of your drain that will cause absolutely horrible odors. You might think it will pass, and for a short time it might even do that, but you should rest assured that you would not want to live with sewage-like smells coming out of your drain. This is a very clear indication that you need to have a plumber’s number dialing on your phone right away.

Last but not least, even if everything looks and smells alright, you could have a serious problem in your drains. You should know that a well-functioning drainage system should not make any gurgling or funny noises, at all. If you hear bubbling, banging or gurgling, there are probably pockets of air being created somewhere in the drain. While this is not a very serious issue immediately, it can lead to a lot of trouble later on so it is advisable to get it checked out.

Service your drains on time and you will never have any issues. Hopefully you’ll be able to identify a problem with your drain before it becomes serious or causes you any discomfort, because it is always better to prevent than to treat.


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