House in the Woods by COCCO Arquitectos in Jalisco, Mexico

Project: House in the Woods
Architects: COCCO Arquitectos
Location: Teuchitlan, Jalisco, Mexico
Area: 2,475 sq ft
Photographs by: Alejandro Souza

House in the Woods by COCCO Arquitectos

COCCO Arquitectos have designed the structure of the House in the Woods which is located in a forested area full of trees and dense vegetation in the forests of Teuchitlan in Jalisco, Mexico. The terrain is greatly unbalanced which was used to generate views over the beautiful, natural surroundings of the home.
The building itself is divided into two blocks where the first one has all the social areas and the other one contains the more intimate spaces.

From the architects: “PLOT. Immersed in a wooded area full of trees and lush vegetation, the terrain has a large slope which can be used to generate a view of everything around it.
LEGAL RESTRICTIONS. They delimit the area to move the construction, they affect the optimum area, from which we wanted to keep all the trees of the land.
OPTIMAL SURFACE. We look for the surface in which no tree is removed, from this location we take advantage of the immediate context and the whole natural environment of the terrain.”

“SUNNING. By the arrangement of the trees there was a point in which the sunning was too powerful in the public area so it is plated to section the volume.
SECTIONAL. It is separated into 2 main volumes, one of private use and one of public use, with this we guarantee the best illumination of each space without sacrificing the comfort of the inhabitants.
VOLUMES. There are areas of coexistence between the volumes, in this way the land is much better used, as it distributes spaces along it.
SLABS. In the public volume we raise the slab to take advantage of the views to the bottom of the land taking advantage of the same inclination, in the private volume we generate a terrace on the roof to take advantage of the higher area of ​​the land and the views that are around, both During the day and during the starry nights.”

“The construction is distributed along the land to take full advantage of it and at the same time leave natural open areas and leave areas to be necessary to develop future growth, within which there is planned an annex for swimming pool, a guest house with areas Divisible and movable panels to hold up to 15 people simultaneously, houses in the trees for children, indoor and outdoor cinema, and a small auditorium, since most of the family plays musical instruments and when The whole family gets together make small personal and group presentations for the visits.”


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