House GZ2 by Paul Steel Bouza Arquitecto in Futaleufu, Chile

Project: House GZ2
Architects: Paul Steel Bouza Arquitecto
Location: Futaleufu, Chile
Area: 387 sf
Photographs by: Gustavo Zylbersztajn

House GZ2 by Paul Steel Bouza Arquitecto

The Lonconao Lake Peninsula is home to another relaxing mountain cabin by Paul Steel Bouza ArquitectoSimilar to the GZ1 House, House GZ2 is more like a smaller relative placed on a small cliff that looks over the Lonconao Lake and the forested peninsula in which it is located. The 387 square feet building opens up to beautiful views of the surrounding nature including an unobstructed view of the lake. The design of this cabin is quite simple, consisting of an open floor plan to maximize the limited space and to ensure sunlight flow throughout the interior as well as access to the stunning views from each room.

The GZ2 is a 36 square meter house located over a small cliff of a peninsula in the Lonconao lake, approximately fifteen kilometers from Futaleufú in the Los Lagos Región. The design operation is simple. It consists of an open floor of the free plan which is glazed to the outside, relating with an outdoor terrace, nature, lake, and the views that surround the house.

The second floor or loft is more closed and intimate, with a bed located near a more controlled window facing the lake. The height of the second floor can hold the heat that rises through an emptiness of the inferior one. The refuge is settled on top of an existing stone like a small tower in the landscape, intervening as little as possible the forest surface.

The furniture is austere, there is a closet in the living room suitable for storage for travelers and a piece of kitchen furniture made of agglomerated wood covered in vitrified concrete that can be used for cooking, washing or having meals. As support for the kitchen and bathroom, there are two protruding windows that add both storage space and cross ventilation to control the summer heat in the Patagonia.

Paul Steel Bouza Arquitecto


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