House Duurzaamheid by Archi3o in Cadzand, The Netherlands

Project: House Duurzaamheid
Architects: Archi3o
Location: Cadzand, The Netherlands
2,260 sf
Photographs by: Thomas Mayer

House Duurzaamheid by Archi3o

Archi3o has designed a stunning residence near the Dutch coast in the town of Cadzand. The House Duurzaamheid has little over 2,000 square feet of living spaces to offer, but that is more than enough for its purpose of being a holiday home on the Dutch coast.

This project near the Dutch coast was built for a very special client who is an innovator in home atomization and well-known advocate for sustainable architecture. For the design of his holiday home he selected architecture cooperation Archi3o. Project architect Renz Pijnenborgh, being a pioneer in Biobased and healthy architecture, created the house to be a synergy of nature and technology.

Precision building with cross-laminated timber

The house composed of 3 wedge-shaped elements was for the most part prefabricated in a factory in Germany. The ‘building kit’ which was assembled at the site was machine milled directly from the design of the architects which was made in 3D BIM. This made it possible to build extremely accurate and actually take advantage of intelligent modelling and built ‘smart’. In only three days the basics of the house were assembled, including all cavities and holes needed for installations which were fully integrated. This was important since the wooden body of the house, walls, floors and roofs, are left in plain sight throughout the whole house.

Sustainable innovation

Building an innovative fully self-sufficient and sustainable holiday home was the goal set by the client from the beginning. Setting an example was at least as important to him as the fact that he wanted to create a great getaway for his family. Besides the smart cross laminated structure, the house boasts a foundation of aerated concrete, a super insulated skin of hemp fibers, geothermal and mass heating, a 19 kilowatt solar roof providing enough energy for the house, the cars and some of the neighbors when the family is out, bio-based materials, natural ventilation and of course fully integrated state of the art home automation which has its own 48 volts’ network powered by the solar charged home batteries.



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