House 7 by Studio de Lange in Rishpon, Israel

Project: House 7
Architects: Studio de Lange
Location: Rishpon, Israel
Area: 1,000 sq ft (house area), 8,000 sq ft (site area)
Photographs by: Amit Geron

House 7 by Studio de Lange

Studio de Langea Tel Aviv based architectural firm, have designed this 1,000 sq ft residence for a 8,000 sq ft site. The design features sunken courtyards that seem to flank the glazed corridor that connects the concrete volumes that shelter the living and sleeping areas of House 7 in Rishpon, a district in Israel.
The main plan of this building is a general T-shape construction that consists of two monolithic concrete volumes, placed perpendicular to each other. Behind them, they hide a swimming pool and vast grounds.

The house is the result of ongoing, long relationship with clients who are known for the ir
knowledge love for art and design.
The special dialogue enables both client and architect to achieve high level of perfection, unique solutions and ‘one off ‘details.

Studio de Lange

Laid on an 8,000 sqm (20 Acre) plot, two concrete rectangles perpendicular to one another form the letter T. Between them stands a light vertical element. This home was envisioned as an unfolding sequence of simple geometric forms that compose an entire spatial experience.

The abundant landscape, including grassland areas and pool, was seen as an integral part of the whole form. Weaving their way through the concrete structures, they merge the outdoors with the built environment.

The design plan is minimalist and the material scale is monochrome. It includes natural stone, exposed concrete, and aluminum, all found in varying quantities on the exterior as well as the interior of the home.

The material and color palettes were greatly restrained so not to overbear the space; allowing space itself to be an adequate airy platform for the residents and their exquisite art and design collection.

Studio de Lange


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