House 2 by Office One Architecture in Aguada, Puerto Rico

Project: House 2
Architects: Office One Architecture
Location: Aguada, Puerto Rico
Area: 3,500 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Office One Architecture

House 2 by Office One Architecture

House 2 is the design of a 3,500 square feet courtyard residence to be located in Aguada, Puerto Rico. This house belongs to a series of houses that explore spatial and conceptual volumetric configurations of the frame and the box.

Essentially, three extruded frames and a box are reconfigured volumetrically to define the public spaces of the house. The configuration is initiated by connecting two extruded frames with a box, resulting in a continuous open plan. The intersection of these two elements transforms the volumetric configuration in order to merge the spaces. This transformation is later connected to a perpendicular extruded frame that, on the one hand, creates a fluid space and, on the other hand, defines each space locally through the articulation of the frame and box. The front porch and terrace form part of one subdivided frame as they slide the outdoor space into the configuration.

The resulting rotary plan results in a sort of central courtyard in which the public functions of the house revolve around the pool. From every point of this area the resident has visual access to nature, water and sky, highlighting the sensual experience at the same time the space is filled with daylight. The volume’s exposed concrete alternated with smooth white plaster adds a tactile quality to the space. The single room deep space volumes allow for cross ventilation and multiple ceiling heights provide clearstories to ventilate hot air rising. Bedrooms and garage simple volumes, attached to the main volumetric configuration through secondary transitional volumes, are purposefully devoid of complexity to ease the construction and therefore reduce construction costs.

-Project description and photographs provided by Office One Architecture



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