Home Warranty is a Must in the US- Here is why

The need for complete coverage of your home appliances and systems.

One common dream most people share is to get to that point in their lives when they own their home. The dream to becoming a homeowner as opposed to buying a lease, paying or sharing rent is one shared by most people. There is the innate desire to own those four walls, that you have the opportunity to design to your taste, fill it up with those appliances that make your life easier and make your living space comfortable.

We all want to guard our homes from whatever disasters are lurking out there and there is one way in which we can protect most of the expensive appliances and systems we have in our homes and that is through a home warranty.

A home warranty is a plan that includes a contract between a homeowner and a home warranty service provider that covers the repairs, replacement or maintenance of certain home appliances and systems that fail due to wear and tear or outright damage, within a stipulated time frame stated in the contract. Some plans might afford the homeowner full coverage of all home appliances and systems while some might just be a part coverage. Most plans however have a set trade service fee which is paid by the homeowner when they place a request for service. This fee covers the labor cost of the professional who would be coming by to fix or replace the damaged appliance or system. Most plans are either on a monthly basis or annually.

How crucial a home warranty is to a homeowner can be compared to a gas needed in a car before it can be driven. After the purchase of your home, which in some cases might take people years before they can afford to own their homes freely, there is absolute need to be reassured that no major unplanned expense blindsides you. So, home warranty is a must for some reasons;

Assurance after purchase of new home appliances and systems installation

As a homeowner when you move into your home, you furnish it with all kinds of home appliances you would need. From the kitchen like dishwasher, fridge to the basement where you would place your washing machine and dryer. Now we know these appliances are not cheap and we hope to use them for as long as possible, so once a home warranty is purchased there is the peace of mind that these appliances and installed systems are covered in case of damage.

Adjustment into their new home

Paid off your mortgage? Saved up and bought your dream home? There is the need to just take a deep breath and relax after you have achieved your dream of purchasing your home. You just want to enjoy the feeling of owning a home that is all yours without the added worry of repairs, replacement or maintenance of bought and installed home appliances and systems.

Homeowners chance to settle in

Home warranty affords you the opportunity to kick off your shoes and think about other great stuff you need to do say build a tree house or start a garden without the added worry of possible breakdown of home appliances and system plus wondering how you would get it repaired or fixed. Imagine buying a home in a new area that is unfamiliar to you or even in a new state? Flipping through the yellow pages might give you the contact of a lot of repairmen but which would you know to be good and reliable that can get your work done? Home warranty takes this burden off you while you settle into your home.

Cancels the possibility of unexpected expenses

No matter the plan selected by a homeowner either to cover just home appliances or both home appliances and systems, home warranty will ensure that a homeowner is covered from the cost of replacing or repairing any of your appliances when the go bad or malfunction. Your home warranty covers you and gives you insulation from the heavy cost of repairs or replacement that might arise from wear and tear, damage of systems like HVAC, AC or just a complete breakdown.

Covers your appliances and systems against wear and tear

Not everyone buys brand new products when they move into their own home. You might have that faithful washing machine or dishwater that has been with you for years. The home warranty covers all those appliances no matter the brand or how old the appliance or system is.

Financial protection

For just a certain fee which is paid either monthly or annually, your home appliances and home systems like AC, are covered when they suffer any breakdown. This fee which averages between $350-$600, is a one-time payment as opposed to paying for repairs anytime a breakdown happens or replacing any system or appliance when it gets damaged. This would definitely be a more expensive option than a home warranty.

There are different providers who offer great plans for home warranty coverage. One great one is Sears home warranty. They have a great single plan that covers your systems and appliances no matter what brand they are etc. in addition, they offer complete coverage for your entire home system and appliances, 24/7 support whenever a homeowner needs to contact Sears, great budget protection through reasonable fees, product replacement amongst other benefits. Sears home warranty reviews have been excellent and are worth checking out.

A home warranty should not be confused with home insurance. Home warranty covers within the home but a home insurance covers outside your home, say a tree falls in a storm and destroys your garage, you would be covered under your home insurance and not your home warranty. If the tree when it falls destroys your washing machine which was in your garage, then your home warranty would cover the cost of replacing the machine for you.


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