Home Improvements That Drastically Improve Property Value

Whenever you make home improvements you are interested in improving value. This is definitely a thing you want to consider but we should understand the fact that some improvements add more value than others. If you want to add the most possible, maybe to protect yourself if you need to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy Philadelphia or to eventually sell the property, here are some great suggestions you can consider.

Adding An Additional Bathroom

Many real estate agents think that this is the very best possible home improvement one can make. Having a ratio of 1-to-1 for bedroom-bathroom is often seen as ideal. As you add an extra bathroom the home becomes more functional. At the same time, resale value is automatically increased.

Usually, homeowners do not think about this because they have no idea where to add an extra bathroom. What you should know is there are various hidden options that are available. For instance, you might have closets that are underutilized or basement space that is not used.

Make The Bathroom More Modern

As you can see, improving home value by thinking about the bathrooms is something to consider. This is mainly because people find bathrooms as being very important. If you cannot make use of space to add a new bathroom, you can always try to modernize the ones you already have. The room would be much more functional and the return on the investment made would be much higher. Think about all that you can do since most changes are going to help. This includes changing light fixtures, adding a fresh coat of paint, brand new fixtures or even some modern exhaust fans.

Since we are referring to the bathroom, be sure that you also consider upgrading present tiles. The worn out ones should be quickly changed and you want to also consider adding low-flush, slimline toilets.

Adding New Flooring

We rarely think about flooring modifications as we do home modifications but it is something we do want to consider. Instead of carpets, try to add tile or hardwood floors to gain extra warmth and a substantial return on your investment. In addition, remember that tile, laminate and hardwood floors are a lot easier to clean. They do not gather as much dirt and dust as carpets so they are even perfect for those that suffer because of allergies.

Add An Entertainment Room

The entertainment room can be so much more valuable than what many think. You can use it to host gaming nights, wine tastings, book clubs and whatever you may imagine. The basement or a room that you do not often use can easily be transformed into a space that is properly finished, modern, and that includes lounge areas, bars or big screen HD TVs. The area can be for adults or totally kid-friendly. In both cases you are going to drastically increase home value by simply adding this area dedicated to entertainment. Just be sure you do this only when you can create a modern entertainment room with many elements added for maximum overall extra value.


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