Holiday Decorating Tips and Tricks

Holiday decorating doesn’t have to be a headache. Before you go out and stock up on holiday lights and winter-themed decor, here are some ideas that go beyond the norm, to give your home a winter refresh. You might even find that you can do your holiday decorating by repurposing items that you have at home or that you find while on a nature walk in your neighborhood. These tips can also come in handy if you are thinking about selling your home and need to give it a seasonal update.

Use nature as your source

While it might be tempting to go straight for the home decor store, try this first: An inexpensive DIY decorating trick is to turn to nature for holiday decorating supplies. We are talking about going beyond a tree and garlands to incorporate greenery in new ways. Some of our favorites are using oranges, lemons, or pinecones to create a centerpiece for a table. You can use foliage and greenery to decorate a mirror frame or the center of a coffee table. Something as simple as stones encircling a candle with some greenery added can make for an artful centerpiece.

See light in a new way

While you don’t have to discount twinkle lights completely, one holiday tip to consider is reimagining lights in a new way. String lights don’t just have to be outside your home, or on a tree, they can be draped in open spaces in a bookcase, or placed in a jar for a fun centerpiece or decoration on a side table. Lights can also make a welcome addition to those centerpieces with elements of nature incorporated.

Reimagine your everyday decor

Another holiday decorating hack is to add to what you already have, instead of buying everything new, to save time and money. Decorative napkin rings — even DIY ones created with pinecones, or decorative string — can add a creative and festive touch to almost any color or pattern for napkins or tablecloths, while draping some festive ribbon on your dining chairs can add a holiday look without buying anything new. You may also want to move decor from one room into another for an updated look, which is also a trick used by stagers to get a home ready to sell without having to add a lot of new pieces to a home.

Go bold

While it might be obvious to stick with holiday colors like red, green, silver, blue, or gold, one of the hottest trends in winter decorating is to mix it up with a palette that is unexpected — again working with decor pieces that you already have can come in handy here. The key is to pick a set of colors and then go with them for all of your holiday decor. Some designers are talking about using orange tones, or even pink. You can get creative with garlands, lights, ornaments, and candles, with touches of your chosen color. Maybe you already have a piece in your home that you love in a bold color, like a vase, or candle holders and you can create a theme around that color. Assess the colors you have to work with and then go from there.

If you are tired of your usual holiday decor, then getting creative with some of these tips is sure to give your home a necessary refresh. Let your imagination run wild and see how your home is transformed into a winter wonderland.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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