Here is the decorative accessory that will brighten up your beach afternoons

Every summer, it’s an essential trendy accessory! If last season, the fringed parasol of the seventies was adorned on public beaches as well as on very private terraces, for summer 2022, it seems that summer desires are turning to an accessory of yesteryear that has not taken a ride: the beach chair … preferably rattan, please!

The beach chair, the trendy summer accessory

Confirming a significant revival of interest in vintage and second-hand, the rattan beach chair is becoming the number 1 object to hunt for on online flea markets like those that abound in our streets in this beautiful season.

Image d’Epinal obliges, this beautiful inclined object distils on the sand as at the edge of a swimming pool a certain retro elegance summoning both the glory days of the French Riviera as well as those of the first paid holidays.

More “casual” than the overpriced sun lounger on private beaches, less imposing than the “very traditional” Chilean to carry, the beach chair, sublimated by the charismatic authenticity of rattan, compiles all the arguments for corresponding to the spirit of the times which produces – it must be admitted – our ephemeral desires ideal for the beautiful season. Assumed basketry trend and guaranteed authenticity such is the promise of this chic and practical seat that allows you to read in the sun quietly, to picnic comfortably seated in the heart of the fields or to scan the blue horizon to calm down after- whole afternoons.

Here 4 beach chairs are just waiting for you:






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Author: Renata Kralevska


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