Heart Shaped Umbrella

Love is in the air, or at least it should be, considering how we are about to enter into February real soon with Valentine’s Day being just around the corner. Sure, some might say that it is still a good three weeks away, but you know how fast time flies when you are in love with your heartthrob or beau. Having said that, you would want to do just about everything in your power to impress her, basically being a gentleman and all. In order to be prepared just in case you happen to live in an area that happens to rain a whole lot, then then £18.99 Heart Shaped Umbrella would be just the thing.

The Heart Shaped Umbrella is made from lightweight aluminum, where it will boast of additional UV coating that comes in handy whenever the sun shines, and the Heart Shaped Umbrella also does its part in providing ample relief from the rain. Heck, if she needs to take a leak in a bush somewhere as there are no public toilets in the vicinity for the next 10 miles, this would also come in handy to protect her modesty, no? Best of all is, it tells the whole world that the both of you are obviously in love.


Tags: gadgets, product design

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