HDJ89 Residence by T38 Studio in Tijuana, Mexico

Project: HDJ89
Architects: T38 Studio
Location: Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Area: 3,175 sq ft
Photographs by: Fran Parente

HDJ89 Residence by T38 Studio

New York based T38 Studio is in the process of developing a HDJ project in Tijuana, Mexico which consists of multiple residences built on a 3,000 sq ft sites with spatial organization based on a nine square grid.
The HDJ89 Residence is a part of that project. It has no garage door in order to create a sense of openness towards the street and the city. Instead, a cantilevered concrete slab provides protection from the sun and elements.


From the architects: ” HDJ89 is the ninth of 12 infill houses we are developing in the HDJ project in Tijuana.
Built on a 305 square meter site, the spatial distribution is organized around a nine square grid. The central quadrant is a courtyard that serves to illuminate and ventilate the rest of the program.
In order to create a sense of openness towards the street and the City, there is no garage door, with the concrete slab clearing a span of 14 meters. Opening the front door, the first quadrant of the grid contains both vertical and horizontal circulation, offering a clear view through the whole house.”


“A reflecting pond, the center of the house with a tree in the middle, anchors the courtyard, with water circulating through a channel that ends in the pool. With an amazing view of the cityscape, the pool blurs the limit between the house and the hill.
The program of the house, each contained in different quadrants is distributed around the central courtyard. The first floor, with social space, contains living room and dining room on one side and kitchen on the other side. While the private space is distributed on the second floor.
The grid that composes the floorplan is also reflected on the facades, made up of six quadrants on each side, that are folded and fragmented responding to the location of its apertures. With a minimal palette of materials, the house blends into Tijuana’s nighttime sky.”








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