Having A Soft Armchair Seems To Bring More Coziness In Your Space

The story of the squishy armchair is as curious as to the design itself.

Created in 1957 by Brazilian architect and designer Sérgio Rodrigues, the soft armchair is still a symbol of modern design and one of the greatest representatives of Brazilian aesthetics in international furniture.

It’s no small thing!

But it wasn’t always like this for the soft armchair. This chair with a curious and very unusual character, especially for the time it was created, suffered a long period of being disowned in the shop window of its creator.

The reason for this is uncertain. But many believe that the chair’s design, at first glance, was not very pleasing. At that time, the world was still under the modern, minimalist influence of the Bauhaus. This meant, above all, the predominance of furniture with straight lines and clean design.

However, the soft armchair was the complete opposite of that. With large and bulky shapes, the chair was designed with a rosewood structure covered by bulky and soft cushions tied by leather straps. Sérgio Rodrigues himself once mentioned that his creation was not to be appreciated aesthetically but to be consumed.

That is, the designer designed a piece of furniture to serve. The artist intended to create a piece capable of offering comfort above all else. An armchair was born then, made for moments of laziness, rest, and sitting freely.

A lot of people might think that the squishy armchair got its name because of its unpretentious shape. But not. According to Sérgio Rodrigues himself, the soft armchair received this title from the workers at the factory where it was being produced.

One time, one of them addressed Sérgio saying that one of the factory’s dogs was gnawing the feet of a “soft chair” that was there. And then, as you can imagine, the name stuck and stayed.

Soft armchair in the decoration

Despite the heavy look, the soft armchair is a timeless piece that fits perfectly into any decorative proposal. The soft armchair goes well from the bedroom to the living room and can be used alone or combined with other upholstery.

In outdoor areas, the soft armchair is an invitation for lazy days. Just be careful to keep it in a covered place, so you avoid exposure to sun and rain and the possible deterioration of materials.

But wherever it is, be sure of one thing: it will shine. Hardly, you will be able to erase the strong and striking presence of this piece. Therefore, the tip is to use it with simpler design pieces, so that the armchair receives all the attention it deserves.

How about now seeing this beauty in action? We have separated some projects where the soft armchair is the highlight of the decoration. Check it out and get inspired:











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