Harold Street Residence by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects in Australia

Project: Harold Street Residence
Architects: Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
Location: Middle Park, Victoria, Australia
Area: 4,359 sq ft
Photographs by: John Gollings

Harold Street Residence by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

The Harold Street Residence is a contemporary home situated on a corner site among its single story neighbors dating from the Victorian era. This house was designed by the Australian firm – Jackson Clements Burrows Architects to respond to its contextual cues with a contemporary twist.

The ground level holds the living areas where the residents will spend most of their time while the more intimate areas such as the bedrooms and work areas are located upstairs.
Longitudinally, a large garden runs through the site, occupying almost half of the plot. The garden links all programmatical elements through the exterior.

From the architects: “A new dwelling for a couple with university age children called for a design response that could accommodate their evolving family needs. The resulting residence engages with the site’s predominantly single storey Victorian terrace context, through its form and detailing, while exploring the public/private nature of the corner site.”

“To address the corner condition the house is located hard along the Neville Street edge of the site. This enables the creation of a garden on the more private northern half of the site, with a sculptured interface providing varied engagement between garden and living areas.”

“The pressed red brickwork and sweeping roof form pick up and reinterpret elements of the surrounding built fabric. The brickwork is further articulated by a section of honeycomb brickwork and steel grid screening, providing a perforated layer between street and the internal spaces.”

“In summary, the Harold Street Residence is a sculpturally engaging family home that creatively reinterprets the context of a Victorian terrace street.”


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