Hajdo House by BLIPSZ + Atelier F.K.M. in Romania

Project: Hajdo House
BLIPSZ + Atelier F.K.M.
Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania
Area: 1,883 sf
Photographs by: Bence MAKKAI, Ákos Kún, István BENEDEK, Arnold MACALIK

Hajdo House by BLIPSZ + Atelier F.K.M.

Hajdo House, located in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania, is a stunning example of contemporary architecture that thoughtfully integrates into its natural surroundings. Designed by BLIPSZ and Atelier F.K.M, the project is situated on a sloping site that offers breathtaking views of the town and the surrounding mountains. The architects brilliantly navigated the challenge of orientation by organizing the living space around a South-West facing terrace that partially shades the interior from the East and West.

The interior spaces are arranged both vertically and horizontally, taking into consideration the topography of the land, optimal orientation criteria and the panoramic view. The living room and kitchen, which have direct access to the terrace, are designed with a large glass wall that optimizes the view while letting in ample sunlight. The intimate spaces and additions are enclosed with full walls, providing privacy and seclusion.

The land dominates the context defining factors:the orientation of the houses, favorable for every day life is obviously towards South, yet the slope which offers the view of the town in the valley and the faraway mountains descends to the North. The project assumes this contradiction and organizes the living space around the South-West facing terrace up the slope; the terrace is partially shaded from East and West and its position is vaguely reminiscent of the traditional household, organized around the yard.

The inner functional areas are laid horizontally and vertically according to the topography of the land, the panoramic view and optimal orientation criteria. “The living room” and the “kitchen” with the table setting area open onto the terrace through a large glass wall. In the summer, they are partially shaded, but they benefit from considerable heat during the long cold season. Only the intimate spaces and the additions to the main structure are delimited by full walls. The roof starts as a continuation of the land, only to turn into a sign set in contrast with the local topography.

The young, routine-free team works conceptually, the design and execution are sustained by their highly experienced colleagues and construction is pushed by a very persevering, well informed client. The designers do not count the number of hours put in, the beneficiary does not count the money and nerves invested in the project (even if time and money are a problem here, too).All the worries are carried away by the wind blowing up the slope of the house. The family grew larger during the construction.

BLIPSZ + Atelier F.K.M.


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