Guerrero House by Tacher Arquitectos in Zapopan, Mexico

Project: Guerrero House
Architects: Tacher Arquitectos
Location: Zapopan, Mexico
Area: 5,920 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Tacher Arquitectos

Guerrero House by Tacher Arquitectos

Tacher Arquitectos has completed the Guerrero House in the city of Zapopan, Mexico. This luxurious modern dwelling spans across two floors and creates just under 6,000 square feet of luxurious modern living spaces with exposed concrete walls and wooden accents.

The project is a two-floor single-family residence located in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. It is formed by two volumes that formally separate the social and service areas from the private areas. The house as a whole generates a contrast of volumes and materials between the ground floor and the top floor. The leading premise of the project is to create spaces that are well oriented and private by using patios and functional and aesthetic architectural elements.

The volume of the ground floor is a pavilion, located at the center of the plot, allowing the location of each patio to be strategic for the spatial solution of the house. The penetrability of the volume is generated by a glass façade that provides natural lighting and ventilation. However, it is wrapped in an external skin formed by a steel lattice, which, with the same functional principle as the patios, prevents visibility from the neighbors.

This is where the social and service areas are located, which are divided only by a circulation nucleus. Another function of the main patio is to achieve a division according to the type of space, in this way the living space is separated from the workspace.

The second volume that contains the top floor, is hermetic to the exterior and being a block of marble, achieves a clean façade. Within its private areas, there is a living room and three bedrooms that are divided by two axes. One of them is the master bedroom that has its own patio giving it a better orientation and greater privacy.

The synchronicity of the two volumes is expressed in the final form and in the spaces that are generated by the superposition of the volumes. The cantilever forms the volume of the second floor in the secondary façade and creates terraces for social functions on the ground floor, with the platform of the entrance extending from the superior volume.

Tacher Arquitectos


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