Grangegorman Residence by ODOS architects in Dublin, Ireland

Project: Grangegorman Residence
Architects: ODOS architects
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Area: 1,506 sq ft
Photographs by: Courtesy of ODOS architects

Grangegorman Residence by ODOS Architects

ODOS architects have designed the Grangegorman Residence in Dublin, Ireland for a client who is a motorcycle enthusiast. This is one of the reasons why the exterior has a metallic look.
The entire exterior which is basically a square, flat-roofed building makes a bold statement against the traditional homes in the neighborhood. Another feature that makes this home unique is its size. With only 1,500 square feet of area, this home is less than 30 feet wide. But despite its humble proportions, the Grangegorman Residence isn’t lacking in anything, especially not comfort.
Its interiors are very bright and modern, the overall style is whitewashed that only emphasizes the amount of natural light that enters through the windows.

This new residential development, for a motorcycle enthusiast, adjacent to No.10 Grangegorman Villas, Grangegorman, Dublin 7 is an alternative reaction to the more traditional city centre infill residential projects; an unapologetic piece of architecture sitting within a strong urban context defined by both site and planning constraints.

The building is essentially two living plates over a workshop connected by a vertical service and circulation core. While the character of this new structure is unmistakably contemporary it has been designed to sit discreetly within its more traditional context, while giving the end of the terrace the strong presence it deserves.

The break up of the the buildings main elements, defined in elevation by the horizontal structural lines, help to identify the structure and functions contained behind. The building profile is further strengthened with a deliberately weighted treatment to the openings at first and ground floor level adding to the aura of secrecy as to what’s contained within. An external terrace area has been provided at the front section of the upper floor, increasing the visual and physical depth of the open plan living accommodation.

ODOS architects


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