Gorgeous Outdoor Bathrooms For a Shower Under the Sun Exactly

Just like the living room or the kitchen, the bathroom no longer has borders and is now installed outside. A room dedicated to relaxation and relaxation, it becomes even more pleasant when its environment is green or has a view of the sea. Whether in the heart of the garden or installed on the terrace, this summer bathroom allows you to enjoy sunny days and the landscape at any time of the day! 

The outdoor shower, the favourite of garden bathrooms 

The outdoor bathroom can be considered in several ways depending on whether you have planned it or not and depending on the place dedicated to it. If you do not have a large garden or terrace area, the simplest solution is to install an outdoor shower. Thanks to the many models available, this equipment is satisfied with a few square meters and only requires a connection to the tap that supplies the garden hose. In addition, this shower system, which takes up little space on the ground, easily takes place leaning against a wall of the terrace or the garden.

If its location is planned, the layout will look completely different. The outdoor shower will then take on the appearance of a real bathroom with a shower head and nearby towel rails for more functionality. Not to mention a low wall or a nice wooden cladding to isolate it carefully.

The outdoor bathtub, to see things from a large outdoor perspective

More imposing but quite possible, the outdoor bathtub can play with the summer bathrooms to perfection. Like the shower, it can take place in the heart of the garden or a corner of the terrace and why not near the swimming pool. More expensive, the garden bathtub will offer a wider range of shapes. Like the shower, it will be necessary to consider isolating it gently from view with an elegant wooden cladding, canonises or a low wall.

The garden bathroom, a new outdoor room 

Often adjoining the home, the outdoor bathroom becomes an additional room in its own right. Arranged like a traditional bathroom with its walls to maintain true privacy, it was designed after long reflection. We study the location of each piece of equipment but above all, we correctly select the materials especially those of the floor for which we will opt for grating or exotic wood blades or even a simple concrete floor.

Whatever your option, there is always a solution for setting up an outdoor bathroom to take full advantage of sunny days in summer. The proof is in pictures.











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