Gorgeous Models Of White KItchens

Desirable for some, haunting for others, the white kitchen cannot please everyone. And it is for this precise argument that she is attractive. Very fashionable in the 2000s for its ability to bring the Scandinavian style into interiors, it is currently freeing itself from its wise and smooth side to spawn with more design or warm lines according to taste.

A white kitchen as a trendy argument?

Shades such as spring pastels may be gaining ground on the stove side, but the white kitchen continues to refine its trendy arguments. Lacquered or matt, its bright fronts offer the possibility of bringing in more decorative details in the kitchen, such as a marble splashback or beautiful wood as an authentic worktop. Its characteristic luminosity also has the main effect of being able to integrate some facades with deeper tones to create a demanding contrast. White kitchen and wood but also white and gray kitchen thus remain highly sought-after duos for this major room in the house.

Discover in pictures the most beautiful models of white kitchens currently available on the market.

A matte or lacquered white kitchen?

Kitchen designers compete in ideas to satisfy all desires (and budgets) in terms of the look of white kitchens. Still current, the white lacquered kitchen takes on a more designer look than ever with its smooth and flashy fronts where the handles have disappeared to give way to a more elegant and practical atmosphere daily. The matte white kitchen is back in service with more decorative details such as copper handles or worked fronts for a more country or authentic look, likely to suit this room, which is increasingly considered as a convivial living space tied with the living room.










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