Give Your Bathroom a Modern Makeover With A Few Simple Changes

Almost everyone wants to have a beautiful, huge modern bathroom with sleek lines and premium finishes displaying nothing more than what is actually required. But a complete bathroom remodel to turn it into a modern version is expensive. Very expensive. If you are not in the market for such an expense right now but still want to make your bathroom appear more modern that it is now, you probably don’t want a complete overhaul. Luckily enough, you can get away with a few isolated changes that will not require you to take apart most of your bathroom and yet still, refresh it with a modern look.

1. Mirrors

Modern bathrooms make use of plenty of mirrors or fewer but larger ones to give them a cleaner look as well as make them appear a bit larger than the space allows. Another one of the popular options is using lighted mirrors that give the bathroom some ambient light as well as give you a better light when looking into the mirror.

2. Vanity

Any bathroom most likely has a bathroom but you’ve probably noticed that the vanity in the modern bathroom designs is almost always integrated in the wall. Most commonly, a floating vanity is used to create a modern look with a minimalist design. Additionally, the vanity does not touch the floor which leaves some open space for light to rebound and make the space look a little larger and makes cleaning a lot easier.

3. Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers are not only incredibly practical but also are a feature of almost every modern bathroom out there. They give of a certain spa feel and even though you might think they are a rather luxurious feature, they are surprisingly affordable. You void a lot of the stuff that a regular shower or tub would require and only need a glass panel to separate it from the rest of your bathroom and keep all the water inside. As if that is not enough to sell you on this idea, walk-in showers require minimal maintenance as there is less space for dust and limescale to build up.


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