GIANT Floor Exhibition Hall by DHB Design in Chengdu, China

Project: GIANT Floor Exhibition Hall
Architects: DHB Design
Location: Chengdu, China
Area: 1,291 sf
Year: 2021
Photographs by: 404NF Studio

GIANT Floor Exhibition Hall by DHB Design

The project is located in Hall 2, Fusen Mall, Chengdu, China, which gathers many brands and also forms a unique immersive shopping experience center. The project is on the left side of the escalator on the third floor of the mall, facing the atrium, but it is easy to be missed by consumers in the actual sight . How to solve this problem is an urgent problem for design.

Brand Story

Giant(ITALY) The brand is Subordinate to C&L(Ciambella Legnami) company, founded in 1881, has 71 years of production of wood floor, is the world’s earliest geothermal raw wood flooring brand.

WEIZER Weizpark(AUSTRIA) Founded in 1831, is located in Weiz, Austria, has more than 180 years of experience in wood processing and production, the emphasis on research and development and continuous exploration, has been a high level in the industry to maintain a high position.

How to integrate the two top brands into the limited space, which can show the advantages of the product, and conform to the consumption logic, so as to make it a consumption destination, to achieve the effect of immersion experience, is the second problem to be solved in the design.

Compound Exploration of “Square” and “Circle”

The Spatial Structure

In terms of the composition of space, we give the two brands different forms and explore the relationship between them in order to present the differences and unify them.


Square is composed of straight lines in form, square rules, meaning standard, integrity.


The circle is warm and soft in form, implying harmony.

From The Square To The Circle

Although ancient artists praised “circle”, they did not advocate it in isolation. They believed that to enter a circle with “square”, because we appreciated the square from circle, it is the great beauty of artistic skills. Square is concrete and can be felt and touched, while circle is beyond square. The dialectical relationship between square and circle is a movement process from concreteness to abstraction.

Although the outer square and the inner circle are contrary to the common sense, they are unreasonable and wonderful. They construct an opposite perspective and intend to present the familiar things defamiliarization.

Two Forms Of Tree, Curved and Straight

There are two forms of tree, curved and straight, curved corresponds to circle, while straight corresponds to square. The combination of form and texture is realized through the corresponding relationship between the two groups. Based on “wood” , supplemented by other materials, in detail projected the nature: From nature, recording time.

Design Reflection

As a designer, any entry point can be expanded to create space. Differences in pointcuts and processes can lead to differences in the final results. If on the basis of functional value, not follow the beaten track, reinterpret things from a new Angle, so as to achieve poetic appeal.

-Project description and images provided by ZZ Media


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