Get Dramatic Look of Your Home With These 17 Fabulous Drapery Designs

Drapery in the home decor beside its aesthetic features, it have a big practical characteristic. They can provide excellent thermal insulation, especially when placed in front of large glass surfaces. You can find lightweight, translucent curtains with joyful colors and patterns, while some will want to protect their intimacy with heavy, opaque curtains with darker colors that will calm the atmosphere at home. It is certain that the curtains with a stake define the character of the area. They affect the amount of sunlight that enters the house, so it is good for living rooms and kitchens to choose from lighter curtains, transparent materials.

Heavy curtains is convenient to be applied in large rooms or the large wall surfaces and windows like second curtain that are combined with the thin, translucent curtains. You can use them with curtains in the room when you want to do more intimate atmosphere, or on cold winter evenings, in order to retain heat in the room. If you decide for heavy dramatic drapery look at the following pictures and make your home with big statement!






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