Four Ways to Create a Contemporary and More Modern Bedroom

It’s always exciting to look for ways that you can update and renovate your home. It’s common to focus on areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and living space, but your bedroom is just as important. Perhaps you find yourself drawn to that contemporary and more modern design look, and your bedroom currently screams “cluttered mess”. It can be overwhelming to find a starting point and come up with a design plan that actually accomplishes what you have envisioned.

To help provide you with direction and design inspiration, here’s a look at four ways to create a modern and contemporary bedroom that you love and enjoy spending time in.

Get Rid of Clutter

One of the most important features in a modern space is that feeling of being bright, simple, open, functional, and airy. What this means is that any added clutter or non-essential items should be removed from the space. If you currently have oversized furniture, and a lot of it, you can also think about downsizing. Just by decluttering and using smaller simpler pieces, the room will instantly feel more modern.

Choose a New Colour Scheme

Of course, the colour scheme in the room plays a huge role in how it feels, and this is an area that is easy and relatively inexpensive to change up. If you’re looking to create a modern design, then you will want to pick neutral colours. These can be shades of white, gray, black, tan, cream, and brown.

If it seems too monochromatic for you when you’re done, you can always bring in small pops of colour to add interest. This can be done through your linens, an area rug, artwork on the walls, etc. Just keep the pops of colour to a minimum in order to continue with that modern vibe.

A Modern Take on Electric Heaters

You can also look at other ways to add that modern touch to your room. For example, the Wärme Designer electric panel heater that can be mounted on the wall. The heater is meant to look like a design feature, yet it is extremely energy efficient and has a powerful output. You’ll be able to have warmth in your room without sacrificing design.

Opt for Clean Lines

If you are in the market for new furniture and artwork, make sure you look for items that have clean lines. This will help to create drama, architectural interest, and the modern style that you’re going for. Now, “clean lines” shouldn’t be confused with boring. Rather, it just means simple pieces that keep things basic and not too elaborate. The furniture doesn’t have to be a matching set; feel free to mix and match but keep the same colour and style palette.

The Room You’ve Been Wanting

These simple tips and guidelines will make it possible for you to create that modern space that follows contemporary design and styles, giving you a much more inviting room to retreat to.


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