Four Effective Tips To Make Your Architecture Firm Grow

Most people are confused about the difference between an architect and an engineer. Although both of these professions are related to building structures, they do have their respective differences. An engineer approaches a project via technicality and structural factors, while an architect’s efforts are concerned about the aesthetics, design and artistry of a structure or building. Architects can specialize in urban design, landscape, city planning and interior design – we can consider them as concrete artists. And in 2017, construction activities reflect that there has been a boom in architecture firms.

There are around 141,200 individuals listed as an architect in the US, employed by over 20,836 architectural firms.  According to statistics, the majority of architecture firms in the country are considered small businesses. If you have your own firm, or are planning to establish one, then this maybe the perfect moment. The economic boom in China has positively affected the architecture firms in the US. There is a great demand for architectural services to support the the momentous construction projects in the east. And to help you reach your company’s growth, while you take advantage of these conditions, here are some tips to make the most of it.

Hire the Right People

If you want your business to grow, you need people to help you achieve that. Hiring the right people for your business can make or break you. There will be times when projects are too much to handle on your own, and you need to rely on your staff. Establish the kind of competencies and level of responsibility that you want for a position in your company; that way, the post will fit in to your company’s culture and needs. I highly suggest hiring new or fresh graduate architects, because they haven’t developed any bad industry habits yet, and you can train them the way you want them to function in your organization.

Make a Brand For Yourself

Establish your firm in relation to the architecture industry through marketing and branding. Marketing, and making a brand for your architectural business, is a great way to extend your reach and be known in the industry by both potential customers and potential business partners. An effective marketing strategy will help you reach the people you want to work with most. They do not know the terminologies surrounding architecture and construction like cresting, cornice or dependency, so instead, display stories of how your business help achieved other people’s dreams. It is also helpful if you exhibit what kind of expertise your business entails. In this way, potential customers will have confidence that you have what it takes to fulfill their needs.

Modify Your Procedures and Strategies

Nothing is permanent except change, and that is very relevant to businesses. The industry landscape, especially architecture, engineering, and construction, are very susceptible to change and trends. One day, this kind of trend is apparent, the next one, it’s different. Always be open to modifications and changes in your firm, especially your business strategies and project procedures. These modifications should be readily implement on your business processes like human resourcing, marketing, sales and procurement and transportation needs.

Always be on the lookout for improvements and developments in your industry, not only for your own firm, but your business partners as well. For those engineering and construction companies you partner with, make sure you look at their business practices, and especially, in how they manage production and finances. This includes everything from their cash flow to what they choose to keep in house and what they choose to outsource to save costs.

Conduct Market Research

Growth can be synonymous with expansion, and I’m talking about entering new sectors and markets for opportunities. Exploring other sectors can help you become exposed to other opportunities in the industry. If you think architecture is all about building offices, commercial spaces, and residential buildings, then you, my friend, need to expand your horizons some more. Your architectural expertise can be tapped into for hospitality business, parks and recreation, healthcare, and even factories. Do not be afraid to explore the different fields, and you might just find your niche.


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