Four Best Universities To Study Architecture

Architecture is one of those course choices that are incredibly appealing but requires a specific set of skills in three different fields; art, science, and technology. Maybe that is why the interest for architecture universities has been increasing over the past few years since it offers a unique experience and exploration opportunities, as well as chances of traveling around the world to study the famous architectural sights. Of course, there are some downsides to studying architecture, like having to spend five years studying, and probably two more years practicing.

Whatever the reason is that students want to study architecture is actually really relevant, mostly because those reasons will help students choose the university where they’ll apply. Sure, all of us want to end up in the best possible universities, and hopefully not go broke in those five years. Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of the best, most affordable and most appealing architecture universities in the UK. Here’s a tip for starters; make sure to consult a coursework writing service regardless of which university you choose. This will help you immensely in successful studying and exam passing. So, here we go!

1. University of Bath

Starting out as a technical school, the University of Bath came to be a university only in 1966 but soon proved as one of the best out there. Keeping close ties with the city’s history, the University of Bath is a student’s opportunity to experience an insight into the golden era of Bath. Even though it is a relatively new establishment, the university has made sure to keep all of the historical features proudly on display, from the university’s Roman logo to the very studies of the old Gregorian architecture in the city of Bath.

That might be the very reason one of the most popular programs at this university is architecture. It will take students four years to get a degree, where the second and third years include professional orientation and specified focus of studies for each student. The average cost of architecture course at this university £9,000 per year. With numerous architectural sights in the city, only two kilometers from the university, students are able to explore art galleries, museums, restores baths and other essential building from the Roman period.

2. University College London (UCL)

University College London is consistently ranked as one of the best universities in the world. With a reputation of being the ‘ intellectual powerhouse,’ UCL offers 50 masters and doctoral programs, as well as specific schools. One of them is the Bartlett School of Architecture, which has been voted several times as the best architecture school in the UK. Because UCL offers a range of library facilities, museums, and collections, the students of architecture have a unique studying experience and numerous ways of acquiring additional knowledge and practice.

The costs of courses at the Bartlett School of Architecture vary between £7,145 – £9,000 (accommodation included, only for students from the EU). Because the fees tend to change from time to time, it is important to look for the latest updates at the UCL website. The architecture course includes Environmental design, history of cities and other design projects. Also, the School attracts students from around the world, and the School’s annual Summer Show attracts thousands of visitors. The show features the work of the students which are usually awarded prizes and opportunities to be widely published at art galleries and other events.

3. University of Sheffield

You might recognize Sheffield as the birth-place of Arctic Monkeys; however, Sheffield is also known for being one of the best universities out there. Even though it ranks as the 80th best university in the world, the University of Sheffield is widely appreciated by students and university staff. Because the university came to be a unification of three different medical and technical institutions, the University of Sheffield is known for its Psychology, Medicine, Law, Management and Geography courses. However, Sheffield’s Architectural program is ranked joint first for graduate prospects.

The Architectural program lasts three years; each year of study is divided into studio time and lecture courses. The studio time serves as a place where students get to test creative ideas, and at the lecture courses, students get to explore and learn about different areas of architecture. For UK citizens, the undergraduate degree costs, on average, £9,000 annually.

4. University of Cambridge

Being the third-oldest and fourth-best university in the world, the University of Cambridge had to be on this short but sweet list. The University of Cambridge doesn’t need much of introduction, but it is essential to mention the Department of Architecture, which is one of the leading architecture schools in the UK and the world. The University of Cambridge has managed to gather world-renowned researchers and architects in order to provide the best learning and practice experience for students.

The architecture course revolves around the history of architecture, as well as the cutting-edge contemporary architecture, providing a balance in culture, history, urbanism, and design. Students are also required to take part in projects, model production, drawing, mapping, and interior interventions. The course takes three years to complete and requires a cost of £9,250 annually.


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