Finishes Market By Grupo Ypasa

Finishes Market by Grupo YPASA seeks to reinvent the finishes market in Mexico, establishing itself as the most important specification center of the country, integrating FIBRAi, a series of companies working together to provide a comprehensive service to the world of architecture and construction.

Its new Showroom and offices invite you to live a new series of experiences through the use of different environments, exploring the use of colors, textures, materials, where light, form and technology play an important role in the use of the space encouraging creativity and boosting the productivity of those who are part of the company.

Novel, inspirational, unique, different, comprehensive, professional and comfortable were the guiding design principles, under the philosophy of generating a space created to unite ideas and design signature styles.

The project has 5 key zones, for exploring different experiences:

Finishes Kart

Use of a supermarket cart as a container of ideas of the users throughout the tour of the facilities.

Architecture-Design Café

Space intended to allow all visitors (Architects, Designers, Engineers, etc.) to live an experience of comfort and inspiration, fostering their creative side.

Lets Talk Finishes Library

Created with the intention of materializing a concept where every user has the freedom to go and consult any publication, catalog or sample that may help to learn about the trends, concepts, materials that are in the market.


Emerges from the goal of exposing each of the materials and products to continuous testing that stretches their properties to the limit and makes it possible to ensure their quality.

Inspiration Room

This is the creative heart of the project, where all the ideas arising from walking through the showroom can be materialized and worked on informally with the help of the specialists from YPASA.

Ypasa (2)

Ypasa (7)

Ypasa (12)

Ypasa (13)

Ypasa (14)

Ypasa (15)

Ypasa (43)

Ypasa (45)

Project: Space Juan Carlos Baumgartner and Ramiro Pulido

Collaborators: Luis Monroy

Construction: T4

Date: May 2015

Location: Corporate Space Santa Fe, Mexico D.F.

Area: 1,300 m2


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