Ferneto SA by Romulo Neto Architects LDA in Portugal

Project: Ferneto SA
Architects: Romulo Neto Architects LDA
Location: Vagos Industrial Zone, Portugal
Area: 144,193 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by: Ivo Tavares Studio

Ferneto SA by Romulo Neto Architects LDA

The concept of the building was created taking into account the company’s principal activity, this being, the production of bakery and pastry machines which produce dough for bread and pastries. This was the idea behind the starting point of the composition of our façade. We observed that the dough presented an alvelolar pattern thus, we decided to implement it into the “manufacture” of the design of our façade.

The three most important spaces in the main building, protrude over the alveolos, the training room that protrudes in vain, the entrance hall indented and the meeting room, with a rotation in the shape, so that it integrates visually and with the location of the old factory facilities.

Regarding the structure of the interior space, it was developed from an existing matrix, since the company has been working for the market for about 40 years. This factor was crucial in the optimisation/organisation of the blueprint.

We can characterize the project in 6 nuclear sectors: 1st Sector: Administrative Zone, 2ndSector: Manufacturing Area, 3rdSector: Storage Area, 4thsector: Finished Product Warehouse, 5thSector: Shipping Area and Reception Area of raw materials, 6th Sector: Turning, Milling, Welding and Painting Area.

-Project description and images provided by Ivo Tavares Studio


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