Features Of Modern Facades To Get Inspired

What is a modern facadeYou have probably heard about them, but what you may not yet know is what makes it so different from the other facades out there. Want to find out? So keep following the post we tell you.


Characteristics of modern facades

To meet the needs and standards of the time, some characteristics of modern architecture became striking and, nowadays, they are practically a symbol of this style of construction.

It is worth noting that most of these features can be applied in several other places and not just on the facades. Check it out below:

Straight lines

Straight lines are one of the greatest features of modern facades. They break away from previous styles, embellished and full of details, such as Baroque, for example.

With the presence of straight and well-defined lines, the project gains elegance, becomes more functional and accessible.

Light Inputs

One of the main concerns of modernist architects was to ensure that natural light enters the homes and, of course, that this is reflected in the facade of the house. This need makes modern facades have wide windows and openings, usually covered with glass.


You may have noticed that the facades of modern houses have no visible roof. This architectural feature is important to maintain the clean appearance of the façade.

But where does the roof go then? He is still there, in the same place. Only it’s hidden by a wall that goes up next to the main wall.

Neutral colors

A modern façade is almost always characterized also by the use of a neutral and sober color palette.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that here only shades of white, black, and gray fit. Other colors are also welcome, only in this case, less saturated and more closed. As is the case with dark blue tones, for example.


Glass is practically unanimous on the facades of modern houses. It is used to close window and door openings. In addition to providing light to the interior of the residence, the glass still gives elegance to the project and that clean touch so common in this type of architecture.


Steel transformed architecture. A totally new material for the standards of the time and which has been increasingly used aesthetically nowadays.

Generally used in the structure of houses, steel can be made apparent by revealing beams and columns, or it can also become a prominent element when used as a wall covering. For this, a good choice is corten steel.


Wood is a timeless material and walks very well through many styles, including the modern. It can be used to create contrasts on the facade, for example, forming panels and brises.

Material mix

In most cases, modern facades bring a mix of materials to generate contrast and create volume and textures. A good example is the combination of wood and burnt cement that together add comfort, modernity, and sophistication. The combination of stones and glass is also very popular.

High ceiling

Another characteristic that is the face of modern architecture is the high or double ceilings. This elongated height between the floor and the roof makes the facade gain stature. But the high ceilings are also welcome to create larger, uncut structures, such as one-sided glass-covered openings.

How about now be inspired by the following 9 ideas for modern facades? Check it out below:











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