FC Residence by F:Poles Arquitetura in Votorantim, Brazil

Project: FC Residence
Architects: F:Poles Arquitetura
Votorantim, Brazil
Area: 2,992 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by:
Guilherme Lopes

FC Residence by F:Poles Arquitetura

FC Residence, designed by F:Poles Arquitetura in Votorantim, Brazil, is a single-story house that beautifully integrates with the surrounding landscape. Inspired by the owners’ emotional memory of country residences in Minas Gerais, the design emphasizes a connection to nature and the enchanting sunset. The house features a harmonious layout, with the living and dining areas visually connected to a mezzanine home office. The kitchen seamlessly integrates with the outdoor area, which includes a pool and suspended deck. The intimate area comprises three suites, with a central courtyard bringing in natural light. The mezzanine level offers an office, terrace, and library, providing views of both sunrise and sunset. With a mix of wood, brick, and neutral tones, FC Residence strikes a balance between modernity and nostalgic charm, delivering on the clients’ desire for an emotionally connected and low-maintenance home.

The Residência FC project is located in the interior of São Paulo in the city of Votorantim and from the beginning had a very particular conceptual and aesthetic desire from its owners, who demanded a residence that emphasized the emotional memory that the couple has of the country residences in the city of Gonçalves in Minas Gerais.

In addition, one of the premises for the project was to prioritize the sunset that occurs in the back of the lot, as the owners’ desire was for the evening landscape to be part of the daily life of the whole family.

For the typology, the desire was for a single-story house, integrated, with personality and low maintenance. It was also important to have a mezzanine for a home office where the owner could have a private space to work.

As a result, we arrived at a single-story house with a garage, social area, intimate area, and service area all on the same level. The entry point is a hall already connected to the living and dining rooms, which are visually connected to the mezzanine and the double-height ceiling, also integrating with the kitchen and the external area, where we optimized the slight slope of the lot to implement the pool and a suspended deck. The service sector is reserved, bringing privacy and visual blockage to the area that is less visually interesting to the residence, but still maintaining the necessary functionality.

For the intimate area, we have a central open courtyard to illuminate one of the suites that are used as a guest bedroom and a second office, and the other two are the main suite for the couple and the daughter’s suite, both with walk-in closets, facing the mandatory setback of the lot, totaling 3 suites.

The only space that is not on the ground floor is the mezzanine, which was the owner’s desire. There is an office located there, along with a terrace and a library. The library is a very important element in the interior design project, as it is visible from the entire house and provides privacy to the office. The result of this mezzanine also provided not only a view of the sunset but also the sunrise due to the high ceiling and elevated level of the space.

The conceptual and volumetric resolution was achieved by using the references of the residences in Gonçalves-MG desired by the clients but with a modern twist. The strategy was to use wood as a structural element for much of the residence, including beams and roofing, as well as the use of brick and pastel and neutral tones for painting. We also chose to make a sloping and apparent roof, making the entire project, including the interior design, meet the client’s expectations through the expected emotional connection.

F:Poles Arquitetura


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