Extra Storage Over The Toilet-15 Practical Ideas That Will Inspire You

You are probably wondering how someone can make a small bathroom to be functional and without compromising aesthetics. See the photos that will help you to combine practicality and visual harmony, and you will see that it is possible and not at all that difficult to make functional storage for the bathroom.

These our proposals could be the first stage in the design of your upcoming project. In order to maximize a small bathroom, there are several things you can do. Removing feeling cramped space can be achieved by replacing the dressing cabinet with a pedestal sink, where you can dispose some small items. Choose a cool high sink that fits the overall style of the interior and will have extra space. Purchase of small tub is also a great solution, especially when there are so chic models in the stores. Large floor tiles, as well as light colors on the walls will give a sense of spaciousness, while dark shades will make overcrowded space. And the smallest bathroom can be very functional if you take your time and think carefully how to organize things in it.

To help you with your work we made one collection of functional ideas how to make extra storage over the toilet. See our proposals, and you will find many interesting ideas!


Image via KMB Photography




Image via DoubleSpace Photography


Image via Becca Wallace Photography


Image via Crystal Waye Photography


Image via Jeffery Edward Tryon


Image via David Young-Wolff


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Author: Ana Duovska


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