Elmthorpe House by Waind Gohil Architects in Oxford, United Kingdom

Project: Elmthorpe House
Architects: Waind Gohil Architects
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
Area: 2,690 sq ft
Photographs by: Courtesy of Waind Gohil Architects

Elmthorpe House by Waind Gohil Architects

Designed by Waind Gohil Architectsthe Elmthorpe House is located on Elmthorpe Street in Oxford, England.
The main design philosophy of this beautiful home is to retain the style and shape of the older houses on the street, but that’s where all similarities end between the Elmthorpe House and the traditional, terraced houses in the neighborhood. This house features a pared-back design which works well in distinguishing the Elmthorpe House as a contemporary home, unlike the neighboring homes.

There’s plenty of innovative features that separate the Elmthorpe House from the traditional homes on its street. Mainly, the architects gave it a glazed gable with hidden drainpipes while using a limited palette of materials in creating a very simple, yet modern version of the terraced houses that are traditional for this area.

A new detached, timber frame family house on a narrow plot in Oxford. The client wanted a striking, modern design that would complement the neighbouring Victorian cottages and comply with Code 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Our solution used a bespoke, pre-fabricated timber frame structure, with accommodation over three stories and the ground floor extending into the landscaped rear garden. A large roof-light positioned over a double height hall creates a spacious feel, bringing light deep into the centre of the long and narrow property. The form, scale and limited palette of materials complement and re-interpret the surrounding vernacular architecture.

Waind Gohil Architects


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