Easter Family Activities on a Budget

Easter is a fantastic time for family activities. The school holidays allow all the family to get together, the weather will hopefully be a bit better and there’s lots of chocolate to bond over. However, with Christmas only just gone and planning and money already probably going into your summer vacation, cash can be a problem. Therefore it is good to have some free or low-cost activities to keep the family busy over the Easter fortnight – here are six ideas to try for yourself.

Visit a Free Museum

Museums and art galleries are great for family trips because they often run organised programmes of activities. Even if you have had a few days out to your local venue already, it is worth going back to see what they have going on over the holidays. Also, it is good to make the most of these free resources as, with the government forever cutting spend, it is often a case of ‘use it or lose it’.

Get Crafty

Arts and crafts are something that the whole family can enjoy. Get stocked up with some fun materials from a supplier such as Artifolk and turn the kitchen table into a crafts station. There are all sorts of Easter-related creations you can work on from fluffy chicks to bunny-decorated cards.


Go for a Walk

Britain is blessed with some truly spectacular national parks. Find the one most local to you and get back to nature for a day. National parks also often run activities so do some research, and see what you can get up to in one of ‘Britain’s Breathing Spaces’.

Get in the Garden

Easter is as much a celebration of the season of Spring commencing as anything else. Celebrate this by getting into the garden with the kids and planting a veg patch. Alternatively, if the weather isn’t ideal, try planting some herbs to go on the kitchen window sill. Herb can be rapid growers so even the most impatient child will see satisfying sprouting within a week or so.


Have a Board Games Party

In these times of multi-screens, apps and video games, it is good to take opportunities to get away from technology for an afternoon or an evening. If you find you don’t have any board games (or all you’ve got is an old Trivial Pursuits set from 1992), you can justify spending a bit on a few by knowing you’ll get lots of use out of them on family occasions and giving the kids a break from their screens.


Visit a National Trust Property

Unless you are a member, the National Trust do demand an entrance fee to their properties. But there is a lot to learn from a day at one of these historic locations.

Have a happy Easter, don’t eat too many eggs (or if you do, take one of the more energetic suggestions from above!).


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