Easter Cake – Ideas & Types

Easter is not just about eggs. This is also a time to celebrate with cakes! And guess what: the Easter cake can be a great choice for dessert, afternoon coffee, or maybe even a gift for someone special.

You can also turn your Easter cakes into a profitable business. Do you know how? Learning the recipes and selling around. And just like chocolate eggs, the Easter cake can have the face and flavor you want, ranging from the most traditional ones, like Colomba Pascoal, to the most unusual for the occasion, like a chocolate cake with spices.

Let’s surprise the family this Easter then? Follow the post with us and find out how to make a delicious Easter cake, in addition to checking out beautiful inspirations.

Traditional Easter cake

If you are the type of person who likes to maintain and value traditions, then a traditional Easter cake is your thing. There are two tasty options in this case: the first one is the Portuguese Easter cake, known as Folar. This cake, in fact, is very reminiscent of light and crunchy bread, sweetened and flavored with herbs and spices.

The second option is the Polish Easter cake, also called Babka, very similar to the well-known Colombian paschal (those sold in the supermarket).

Easter carrot cake with chocolate

Did you know that that carrot cake can turn into a delicious Easter cake? After all, the carrot has everything to do with that season. But of course, you can add that extra special touch to the paschal cake. Do you know how? With a delicious layered filling and a rich chocolate ganache topping.

The carrot easter cake can be very simple, just with icing or even naked cake style. Another option is to make an Easter cake decorated with whipped cream or American paste. It looks beautiful and tasty!

Easter egg cake

You know when something is already good, but can it get even better? Yes, this is more than possible at Easter! That’s because you can attach the Easter egg to a wet and super stuffed cake. Best of all, the step-by-step of this recipe is simple and it can still earn you an extra buck since it is possible to sell it.

Look at other Easter cakes inspirations:











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