Dune House by BNLA Architecten in The Netherlands

Project: Dune House
Architects: BNLA Architecten
The Netherlands
2,960 sf
Year: 2021
Photographs by:
Arjan Benning

Dune House by BNLA Architecten

The Dune House in the Netherlands seamlessly integrates into the Ameland dune landscape, offering a contemporary escape where nature and modern design coexist in harmony. BNLA Architecten’s innovative use of light and space, along with an abundance of windows, connects the interior with the breathtaking surroundings. The exterior’s burnt wood cladding and thatched roof, though a nod to local regulations, become distinctive design elements. Inside, a serene atmosphere prevails with light colors and natural materials. The playful layout connects various levels through voids and stairs, creating a luxurious and nature-inspired holiday retreat.

This playful and modern holiday home is located in the middle of the dune landscape of Ameland, one of the few islands of the Netherlands. The beautiful nature reserves gave me the opportunity to create a completely new country house in this wooded and dune-rich environment.

A fusion of nature and architecture. Tranquility and nature merge with a sleek and minimalistic design. By experimenting with light and different levels between the spaces, a pleasant atmosphere is created in the house, which reflects the typical landscape of the area. The large number of windows in the facades also gives a sense of connection with the surroundings and creates the house its own character.

Natural design, inside and outside. A robust appearance has been chosen for the use of materials for the facade. Burnt wood in combination with a thatched roof gives the house a tough look. Despite the fact that this was a requirement from the local authority, BNLA has managed to turn it into a unique object. The interior, designed in collaboration with interior designers Ina Matt, is on the other hand calm and light, providing a tantalizing contrast.

Light colors and natural materials have been chosen for the interior finish. The wooden roof construction, which can be seen throughout the living room and kitchen, gives the space extra height. The playful layout also provides space for surprising floors that are connected by voids and stairs.

This interplay of natural elements and a sleek design has created a luxurious holiday home where you can fully enjoy nature.

BNLA Architecten


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