To-Dos to Get Done During a Move

There’s a lot going on during a move, especially if you’re moving out of state. But it’s actually a great time to get a few things done before changing your address. Plan ahead and work these to-dos into your moving checklist.

Downsize Your Stuff

One of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks of moving is packing. That’s why doing a thorough closet cleaning is a great idea.

This is a trick North American Moving Services recommends to their clients. The reasoning is pretty simple. The less you have to pack up and haul to the new home, the less moving will cost.

Create a room-by-room plan that gives you time to go through everything. Separate things into three piles:

Keep – Whatever you plan to take with you should stay in the keep group.

Donate – Gently used items you no longer need or want can be donated. Save space and get a discount on your taxes!

Trash – Anything that no longer works properly or has experienced significant wear should go in the trash pile. But do the environment a favor and put recyclables in a separate container.

Have a Yard Sale

You can also create an optional fourth pile if you plan on selling any items. A weekend yard sale is a great way to make a little extra money for your move. Any items that don’t sell can get moved into the donate pile.

Inventory Your Items

While you’re going through everything for the purge you can double the benefit by creating an inventory. This is actually a key part of maximizing your home or renters insurance coverage. Part of the policy includes coverage for your personal property. But if you underestimate the value or forget to note an item it will be written off as a loss.

All the items that end up in the keep group should be listed on an inventory spreadsheet that includes the name, cost and important details. Next, call your insurance company. Share your inventory list and find out if your current policy provides adequate coverage. If you have expensive items you may need to add a rider to the policy.

Go the extra mile and list which box each item is in so you have a reference when you unpack. The inventory will also make it easy to track everything so nothing goes missing in transit.

Survey the New Property

If you are buying a new home, a survey of the property will likely be needed before you can close. Surveys are also a must if you’re building a new home. The survey will tell you exactly where the property lines lie and may be needed if you plan to add on to the house or include an outdoor feature like a pool or fence. In addition to the property lines, a survey can help determine the lot’s zoning.

Check with the current property owner to see if they have an existing survey. If nothing has changed on the property since the survey was created then it should still be valid.

Deep Cleaning

No one wants to bring dust and dirt with them to their new home. As you pack up items give them a good cleaning. It will make cleaning up around the house easier and will be a completely fresh start once you start unpacking.


Do you need to freshen up before moving out? Want to add a little personality to your new home? A fresh coat of paint is an easy way to update any room, and it’s a lot easier when things are out of the way. After everything is packed up or before everything is moved in, take a few days to get your painting jobs done.

Multi-tasking during a move might sound like overkill, but if you have to turn your world upside down you might as well get as much out of it as you can. With the right planning you can add the extra tasks above without adding to your workload.


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