Doce Vida House by Studio CK Arquitetura in Gramado, Brasil

Project: Doce Vida House
Studio CK Arquitetura
Location: Gramado, Brasil
7,663 sf
Year: 2019
Photographs by: Courtesy of Studio CK Arquitetura

Doce Vida House by Studio CK Arquitetura

The Doce Vida House is a beautiful contemporary dwelling entwined with nature, located in Gramado, Brasil. It was designed by Studio CK Arquitetura and occupies quite a bit of land, offering little over 7,500 square feet.

Entwined with nature, this residence was designed with a true sense of multiple experiential scenarios. With brutalist contemporary architecture, the organic façade, with a huge vertical garden permeating both sides, presents a total connection with nature!  An extraordinary environment to connect with the outside and with yourself, and enjoy the time and the absolutely beautiful landscape.

From anywhere in this residence, nature is integrated, with beautiful araucaria trees, lawns, a water mirror, fresh air, the sound of birds and the natural light that comes from the skylight and enters the basement of the residence! A real show for all the senses. In this Home, our main objective was to create multiple opportunities for use and experiences so that its residents live as they wish and not as the residence imposes them. Is there anything more valuable than that?

Doce Vida House – A Residence with a Green Soul. This project has devoted all care and special attention to raising the level of sustainability and reducing the environmental impacts that a house of this standard may cause, making this part of the property’s legacy. Affirming even more its commitment to this vision, the project was based on five pillars.

100% clean energy: We contemplate the use of clean and renewable electric energy, that is, 100% of the energy used in the house will be generated through photovoltaic panels installed in the residence itself.

Natural lighting: The house was designed to obtain maximum natural light and generate a reduction in energy consumption; Ecological fireplaces: The House has fireplaces that use ethanol and certified firewood, with a double combustion system, which reduces the use of vegetable fuel by more than 50%;

Rainwater Raining: The Doce Vida House was built with a structure for capturing rainwater for irrigation of the horizontal and vertical gardens, as well as for water mirrors and cleaning of sidewalks. Zero Carbon: All carbon dioxide emitted during the construction of the property was inventoried, and will be compensated through the planting of native trees.

Studio CK Arquitetura


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