DIY Herbs Garden Is Always A Great Idea For Your Kitchen

Waiting for the spring and nicer weather, sunshine and greenery is the ideal moment to plan a small home herb garden full of fragrant herbs that will not only beautify our home with its appearance, but will also make a delicious addition to our meals. You have a kitchen with plenty of natural light? So what are you waiting for? Growing your own rosemary, basil, chives or parsley, will allow you to control the quality of herbs that you use, but you will also save money! Today, can find a number of systems for the production of hanging gardens on the market, that can be placed on the kitchen wall.

For example, you can use a window frame, to set the rods on which you will hang buckets with a green plant, arrange a small garden on the windows, attach jars planted with plants on the unused side of the kitchen cabinets, or cut glass bottles and make a garden system. Plants such as lemon grass, mint, dill, thyme or lemon balm can also thrive indoors, so you can have fun combining and tasting their green leaves.

When planning, pay attention to several key factors – how much sunlight really enters in your room, because some plants need at least five hours of sunlight a day, make sure your spice plant to be located in a deep planter (such as the case with dill or coriander) and keep in mind that each seedling must have available space for water runoff, which you can throw themselves and thereby prevent the formation of mold and rot of the roots. See some inspirational DIY ideas that will help you to easily make your own DIY herbs garden in the kitchen. Happy gardening!


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