DIY: Creation of a modern garden with upcycling plastic bottles

Recycling  is a huge trend and big lifestyle change and number of those who are practicing this is growing more and more. There are  many ways to get involved. Maybe you were a part of some recycling project, without knowing that you were into it. While some include changing out entire aspects of your home, we suggest also that there are other ways that are less expensive and make for really interesting visual design elements as well. For example appliances and windows.

Implemented in a Brazilian home, this vertical urban garden gave a garden of a house a huge makeover. Hundreds of plastic soda bottles were taken and repurposed into miniature. Instead of being thrown away, they were used for individual planters for simple greenery in the front patio of this colorful residence. We have choose this also as a part of do-it-yourself ideas because it is very easy to do, and still it looks great. All you need is search for empty bottles and after that you can start creating a very unique garden. For sure, your neighbors will either be jealous, or may do the same. We suggest you this kind of project for you garden for spring/summer 2013.

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